From the very beginning, water has been my happy place. Beaches, pools, even the bathtub – I've always felt a deep connection to this element. Its strength, persistence, adaptability, and its ability to nurture life have always resonated deeply with me, just like the spirit of the women I design (and sew) for.

Launching WET BYEvelynMarie has been an extraordinary journey fueled by a deep desire to make a change in my life and the lives of others. It is more than just swimwear; it's about empowering women to embrace life on their own terms, chase their happiness, and not wait to create their special moments because I believe that paradise isn't a place, it's a feeling – a feeling you can find anywhere, anytime.

Every piece is handcrafted by me, in small batches, using premium, sustainable fabrics that feel just as amazing as they look. Bold colors and unique prints reflect my love for luxury, comfort, and individuality,
encouraging you to embrace your inner beach goddess wherever you are because it is always bikini weather somewhere. Whether you're island-hopping or poolside, your swimwear should be your passport to paradise.

So join the WET community, where we celebrate unique beauty, embrace life by the water, and believe that every day is an opportunity to feel amazing in your own skin. Explore my collections, share your own sun-kissed stories, and let's rewrite the rules of what luxury swimwear can be!